Redefining door and window hardware since 1994


From architects, designers, to real estate developers, all leaders in the building industry value product designs that drive quality, smart building technologies that power innovation, and robust materials that stand the test of time. CMECH, established in the USA, has 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in high-end window and door hardware. Integrating art into architecture, and infusing innovation into every detail, we help our customers refine living spaces, compete in the Industry 4.0 era, and create beautiful smart buildings.


Tailored To Your Industry

Architects | Achieving the Architecture Vision

CMECH is the top choice for elite architects as they design luxury hotels and homes. CMECH hardware provides the finishing touch that satisfies their performance requirements to create their award winning designs. 


Case Studies

From high-end apartments to luxury hotels, CMECH is leading the way in innovation and design. Our gallery of case studies demonstrates how CMECH enhances smart building performance, promotes sustainable and energy efficient hardware, and contributes to the future of eco-friendly designs.

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