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    The Outswing Casement Window Hardware Series comes with designer handles and fly screen door configurations. Get an unobstructed view with the large, beautiful casement windows, friction-free and smooth operation guaranteed due to our unique friction hinge slide design.


    Refined to the very last detail

    Outswing Awning Window Applicable Range
    Sash Width(mm)300-8000
    Sash Height(mm)300-1,800
    Load-bearing(kg)≤ 50
    Lenght of T-Drive(mm)20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40
    Center Distance of 
    Spindle Drive Gearbox
    (mm)22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 35

    Key Elements

    Refined to the last detail

    Handle choice

    Handle choice

    Spindle and fork drive handle, Spindle drive handle keyed, S series spindle drive handle, Fly screen handle, screen handle and many other options, M Treatment Surface Technology, 2000-hour neutral salt spray test.
    Bidirectional anti-deflection  spindle drive gearbox

    Bidirectional anti-deflection spindle drive gearbox

    High-quality 304 stainless steel plate + nano-blue lock body, silent gear transmission structure, various specifications maximum extension of anti-pull deviation. The output distance is 12.6mm, the transmission stroke is 18mm, the clamping is fixed, and the cycle test is up to 30,000 times..
    C-groove fly screen concealed hinge

    C-groove fly screen concealed hinge

    High-quality 304 stainless steel and high-strength zinc alloy material, "full rotation" riveting structure, different from common sliding friction Structure, smooth, no noise, less abrasion, test life up to 30,000 times, clearance in height and left and right directions Adjustment only needs to adjust the lower hinge, easy to operate, the adjustable range of height is 0~5mm, and the adjustable range of left and right is 0~4mm.
    Safety Catch Hardware

    Safety Catch Hardware

    CMECH’s designers integrate high-strength and high-quality stainless steel wire plus industrial-grade aluminium alloy with a C-groove clamp and fastening screws for safety. The safety catch can carry a load of more than 500 kg; In case of window failure, it will prevent it from falling.

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