No More No Less, Milan Handle Series speaks the language of minimalism


    Innovation In Every Detail

    The Milan Handle series is designed based on the concept of minimalism, all about fulfilling your desire for life to be simple and purposeful. Speaking the language of pure Milanese fashion, it has revolutionized the traditional handle design. Our CMECH designers create minimalist handles with high precision so that they can be integrated with doors and windows at any angle. The minimalist handles utilise a newly upgraded, fitting in with the standard Euro C Groove Profile, these handles are what makes your tilt and turn inswing casement window superior.

    Suitable For

    • Outswing Casement Window
    • Inswing Casement Window
    • Tilt & Turn Window





    Sophisticated minimalist look

    A baseless handle that embodies Milanese fashion, with a minimalist Milanese design language. It realizes the unity of exquisite and minimal appearance and practicality, simple shape and perfect details, and embodies the sense of luxury.

    Comfortable grip

    The ergonomic, streamlined and elegant appearance is easy to grasp in one hand. Between the opening and closing, you can experience the charm brought by the comfortable grip.

    Sophisticated and versatile

    The exquisite and versatile shape can be well matched with doors and windows. And there are a variety of colors, which can be customized to meet different needs, Easily integrated into any home environment.

    Excellence is more than just looks

    The stable iron triangle structure can effectively prevent the handle from shaking. The patented rolling spring steel ball structure prevents the handle from sagging.

    Extraordinary quality pursuit

    It has undergone rigorous process testing and adopts robotic automation technology. Make sure every detail and line is accurate with over 2000 hours of neutral salt spray testing. Improve the overall texture and performance of the handle.

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

    It is produced with zinc alloy raw materials with high recycling rate, which is non-toxic and odorless, green and environmentally friendly. In line with the concept of sustainable development


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