Metro Handle Series offers special anti-corrosive steel for long-lasting handles



    The Metro Handle is a true invention by CMECH for the door handle industry. Based on the simple design concept of "a lock doesn’t have to look like a lock”, the sliding door handle has revolutionized the traditional handle design and function by delivering a minimalist philosophy. The surface of the minimalist door handle is baked under a high temperature special “M treatment”, creating a delicate, simplistic texture of beauty and exceeding the industry standards for anti-corrosion.

    Suitable For

    • Sliding Door

    Unique appearance

    Metro Handle's long handle lock design has a Unique patented appearance, subverting tradition The upper and lower unlocking cylinders are integrated with the handle Just push up and down for smooth opening and closing

    User-friendly design

    Ergonomic arc design Large push-grip surface area The handle adheres to the surface of the model A smooth surface Preventing collision and injury

    Quiet, comfortable and quiet

    Handle designed to push up and down Convenient, flexible, and quiet Enabling a quiet and comfortable home experience

    Ultra-thin, All-purpose

    30mm tall, perfect for a variety of models with an array of colors Customizable to meet different needs Easily integrated into various living environments

    Exquisite craftsmanship

    Meeting rigorous trade testing standards Using Robotic Automation Technology Ensuring the precision of every detail and line Over 2000 hours of Neutral Salt Spray test Improving the overall touch and performance of the handle.

    Sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials

    Produced with zinc alloy raw materials with high recycled content Non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly Pursuant to the concept of sustainable development


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